Are Dog Waste Complaints Driving You Mad?

Keep Your Residents Happy And Free Your Schedule From Dog Waste Complaints Without Impacting Your Budget!

With This DNA-Based Method Of Getting All Your Residents To Pick Up After Their Dog!

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    Avoid having to deal with dog waste complaints and going back and forth with residents!
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    Enjoy clean, beautiful grounds and happy residents, which will lead to fewer turnovers and vacancies!
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    Get some of your time back to focus on other aspects of your work and life instead of having to deal with dog waste several times a week (or even every day)!
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    And so much more!

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Our tested, proven, and patented method for identifying dogs via DNA will work for you, EVEN IF you’re already extremely busy and on a budget.

In half an hour, we’ll train your staff on how to register a dog in just 5 minutes, so they need not waste time listening and responding to angry residents complaining about dog waste!

Discover how many of the 6,000+ communities that use our service have started without disturbing existing residents or impacting their budgets!

Our DNA lab is the only accredited ISO lab in our industry, so our results are accurate, repeatable, and even stand in court!

Your staff is fully protected because our collection process uses safe and non-toxic materials!

6000+ Customers Across The USA, Canada And The UK Are Happy About Dog Poop Not Breaking The Peace In Their Communities!

And Finally Stop Wasting Your Time Dealing With Never Ending Dog Waste Complaints