Spending Precious Staff Time Picking Up After Your Residents’ Dogs?

Receiving Resident Complaints?

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Join these owners and managers using PooPrints

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With PooPrints you’ll see. . .

-An immediate reduction in dog waste
when you start the program

-Residents calling to thank you for
cleaning up the problem

-Residents picking up their dogs’ waste

-Increased resident retention


Real customer feedback-here’s what customers are saying about PooPrints. . .



How does PooPrints work?

That’s right, now you can use DNA technology to identify which resident at your community is not picking up after their dog.

The process is simple and the accuracy is right on the money.

The first step is to determine the DNA of the dog, the resident swabs the dog’s cheek in the presence of your staff. The swab is mailed in the envelope provided to BioPet Vet Labs, the inventor of PooPrints™. The dog’s DNA is analyzed and registered on the DNA World Pet Registry.

The DNA analysis cost can be passed on (with or without a markup) to a new dog resident at the time they move in.

Once you find a dog dropping on your grounds you place a sample in a special container and send it to be analyzed. A week or so later you are notified which resident did not pick up after their dog.

You can charge a fee that more than covers the cost to analyze the first violation. In addition, frequent violators can face higher fees on successive violations and/or denied lease renewal but that’s for you to decide how to implement at your communities.

Help your bottom line with better resident retention, attract the right renters with well maintained grounds and help the environment by preventing water contamination please

call 855-NoVacancy (855-668-2226) or fill out the form above

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