Worried About Filling Your Vacancies?

Are Your Advertising Sources Not Working?

Asked Yourself What’s the Best Way to Attract Renters?

Have You Been Burned Before By Trying
An Advertising Vehicle And Not Gotten Any Results?

Take a minute, stop thinking like an owner and start thinking like a renter!

You’re pressed for time and so is everyone else, including renters.

What kind of people are going to spend endless hours searching classified ads like Craigslist or the newspaper (ones with a lot of time on their hands) when they can easily find what they are looking for in a fraction of the time?

Do you have extra time on your hands to answer and return calls from people who ask you the same questions only to find out what you have doesn’t match what they want?

To find the right renter, you need to be listed where renters can easily find what they are looking for.

Pretend you’re a renter; what would you want in a website?

• I want an easy to use website
• I want the ability to search for anything I need or want
• I want to save time by seeing and viewing complete information on properties so I would not have to make endless calls asking questions
• I want to view lots of choices
We know there are many advertising choices out there, but RENT411 has the answers to your questions. RENT411 is not your typical advertising medium that wants to sell you an ad and take your money. RENT411 guarantees results by having designed a system that renters love!
RENT411.com is no ordinary web site; it’s the 1st Search Engine for Apartments, Townhomes, and Houses™. Allowing renters to search based on a nearly infinite number of criteria not only saves the renter time from searching through endless choices on Craigslist, but gives you qualified prospects ready to make an appointment to see your property.

Still Don’t Believe It?

Try our search engine for yourself and experience the difference that is RENT411.
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Pricing starts as low as $33 per month.

We guarantee results!

Give us a call at 1-800-RENT411 (736-8411) or fill out the form below and we will send you additional information.

Is Print Dead?

Some consultants (talking heads) would tell you PRINT is DEAD!

The largest technology companies in the world aren’t listening to these so called “experts,” as they continue to send you direct mail and catalogs of their products. Look at these examples:

Look in your post office box and you’ll find these catalogs and direct mail pieces sent from these technology companies by good old fashioned snail mail, even though they have your email address.

If the leading technology companies DON’T believe PRINT is DEAD, why should you?


You’ve Convinced Me, Print isn’t Dead!
How Do I Choose from All the Publication Options?

Again, stop thinking like an owner, start thinking like a renter.

Renters know:

  • How much they can afford to pay
  • Where they want to live
  • How many bedrooms they want
  • Who is moving with them i.e. Fido and/or Fluffy

In order to save myself a lot of time on my print search:

  • I want properties arranged by city and area so I won’t have to look through the whole magazine
  • I want to be able to quickly see the starting prices so I can rule out choices that I can’t afford
  • I want to see all the important criteria arranged in a manner that would save time so I won’t make endless calls asking questions
  • I like to be able to easily compare properties that match my needs


What Makes RENT411’s Publication Better?
The difference between our magazine and others is that we organize information in a way that enables renters to easily find you.

Today no one, including renters, has excess time on their hands to look through infinite ads with incomplete information and make dozens of phone calls to properties to ask:

  • What’s the rent?
  • Do you take dogs?

or whatever information is missing in your traditional ad that they need to call and find out.
Generally renters know where they want to live either by an area like Southwest or in or near a specific city.

RENT411 is the only publication that lists properties by city within an area. Our highly efficient property information format:
Delivers almost everything a renter needs to know so you get qualified renters, not callers asking you a bunch of questions.
Allows renters to easily compare properties that match their needs

The renter saves precious time. That’s why so many renters use RENT411!

You benefit by getting qualified renters ready to set up an appointment to view your property.

Our magazine property listings take up less room and give the renter more information than half and full page ads in those other rental magazines.

Because we use less space on each sheet to showcase your property we can charge you less and still deliver more renters to you.

Pricing starts as low as $33 per month.

We guarantee results!

Give us a call at 1-800-RENT411 (736-8411) or fill out the form below and we will send you additional information.

Renter Phone Call Excerpts

1 Cody

Q: What did you think of our web site?
A: “I like it. It gave a lot of good info… I could find exactly what I was looking for.”
Renter: Cody W.

1 Nikki

Q: What did you think of the website? Did you have any problems using it?
A: “No, actually it was the easiest to use of any of them. . .I had used three or four [other websites]. . .I liked the fact that it [RENT411] was very detailed, it had a description and it gave all the information that I needed.”
Renter: Nikki K.

1 Robyn

Q: Did you use any other websites in your search?
A: “I tried a couple of them and I don’t even remember what they were but I didn’t like them. I went right to yours.”
Renter: Robyn C.

1 Micheal

Q: What did you think of our web site?
A: “I really like how you had all the different features of it, and the check marks and all that additional info so it was really easy to print out that page and print out the other pages and you could compare apartments really quick.”
Renter: Michael R.

1 Taya

Q: What did you think of our web site?
A: “I liked it its really cool. I love the site”
Renter: Taya R.

1 Theresa

Q: Did you use any other web sites?
A: “No I was just told about you guys and I was really happy with the site and I did not look anywhere else.”
Renter: Theresa B.

Renter Phone Call Excerpts

2 Eemund

Q: What did you think of our magazine?
A: “It was great, I loved it. It had everything detailed: what it includes, what it doesn’t include, even pictures. . . .it was great, it helped out a lot.”
Renter: Eemund M.

2 Sheila

Q: What did you think of our magazine?
A: “It was very helpful. I loved the charts, because we were looking for an apartment that allowed dogs. So the little grids where it said dog allowed, I just looked for that. So, it was very helpful. I had like three or four other apartment finder kind of books and this one was the one that was the most helpful to me.”
Renter: Sheila A.

2 Jamie

Q: What did you think of our magazine?
A: “It’s a lot more efficient than the other stuff that we had been looking at, as far as breaking up in the categories and it was easier to just look at and compare.”
Renter: Jamie S.

2 Terri

Q: What did you think of our magazine?
A: “I think it’s great. Very helpful and I flipped through it and circled a lot of places and did a lot of research and finally decided on this particular apartment. I was very impressed with it and found your magazine very helpful.”
Renter: Terri W.

2 Maria

Q: What did you think of our magazine?
A: “I like it! I really like it. I like how you guys compare everything and I like how you separate it from cities and. . .it’s a good magazine!”
Renter: Maria H.

2 Amadeus

Q: What did you think of our magazine?
A: “It’s pretty nice, I like the way they outline the properties in various cities, and the price and the facilities that the apartment has. . .It looks pretty nice to me, it makes it easy to make selections.”
Renter: Amadeus D.

2 Abigail

Q: What did you think of our magazine?
A: “I think it’s awesome. I love how. . .it’s very quick for you to find out exactly you know what are the points from the apartment. Whether if it’s a single family, if it’s a townhome, whether cats are allowed, whether there’s air conditioning. I love how the bullet points are, it just makes it so easy for you to look at the information all in one place. So, the layout is pretty great. I really love it. It’s real easy to go through. It’s real easy to read and you get all of your information in one spot.”
Renter: Abigail P.

2 Jackie

Q: What did you think of our magazine?
A: “Actually Brein loved it, because he really liked how it’s color coated. He also liked the dots that go down. He found it to be the easiest to use.”
Renter: Jackie P.

2 Brenda

Q: What did you think of our magazine?
A: “I absolutely loved it…. In fact there were 2 other people that lived in the same building that I moved out of who I picked up extra copies for… I found it easier to utilize then the For Rent one …like I said I got 2 copies for my other neighborhoods and they both moved to places out of the book (RENT411)”
Renter: Brenda C.

2 Kelly

Q: What did you think of our magazine?
A: “I like it. I thought it was really cool. It was one of the better ones I’ve seen, and easy, you know, to locate what you’re looking for, and the way it’s set up, I liked it.”
Renter: Kelly B.

2 Dontay

Q: What did you think of our magazine?
A: “I work at Walmart. So I just walked out, I was looking for a place and I usually just pick up a bunch of magazines. I liked yours because you show up, you can have a dog allowed, right away, and I have a dog, so that is why I used your magazine. . . .I like yours because every page is broke down, different categories, shows you apartments, size, price, what you’re paying for, all that stuff. So with that I have to flip through the whole magazine, with yours I figure out what I want, what area and you know I just skim through it. Most places don’t take dogs anyway. I just look for the places with dogs. See what’s in my price range. Go from there.”
Renter: Dontay N.

2 Kevin

Q: What did you think of our magazine?
A: “We used the magazine, because we didn’t know about the website before we moved here. I knew about the ones like apartments.com, the apartments for rent but I didn’t know about the RENT411. In the lobby of our hotel, at the Embassy Suites in Bloomington. It was really helpful, I mean the breakdown by neighborhoods was helpful because, you know, the other magazines will have it kind of just broken down, so if you’re isolating to a certain area it’s hard to see all the apartments in an area, rather than go through each page and find them individually, and the pictures were real nice and kind of helped us decide if that’s something we were looking for.”
Renter: Kevin B.

2 Ashley

Q: What did you think of our magazine?
A: “It was very. . .informative. It told. . .a lot about. . different apartments. I called a couple different places and it helps when you’re looking for a place with a dog.”
Renter: Ashley G.

2 Slore

Q: What did you think of our web site and magazine?
A: “We looked a lot on the internet but we had your magazine here. The magazine is pretty great. It’s pretty good and the website was pretty good too. It was pretty much the only thing we looked at, it was really well done. It helps a lot!”
Renter: Slore A.

Renter Phone Call Excerpts

3 Emily

Q: Did you use any other magazines?
A: “I did pick up a few different ones, in fact, I had five different ones and they were just so complicated for me. The RENT411 was the easiest and it was, it was user-friendly.”
Renter: Emily R.

3 Ellen

Q: Why do you like it[RENT411] better than the other ones?
A: “I think it’s more organized it’s easier to find what you are looking for… I like how the layout is”
Renter: Ellen R.

3 Tim

Q: Did you use any other magazines?
A: “Well I grabbed a bunch of magazines but yours was the only one I used… I looked through them (the other magazines) but nothing was laid out just pictures and pictures…. Your magazine told all about the apartment … It’s a great magazine.”
Renter: Timothy M.

3 Chris

Q: What did you think of our magazine?
A: “I thought it was the best one out there. I actually had several but I carried around just this one (RENT411)…”
Renter: Chris W.

3 David

Q: If you had those magazines [RENT411 & For Rent] in front of you, and you could only pick one of those to use. Which one would you use?
A: “It would be the RENT411. Because I like it. . .everything was on the same page, you don’t have to flip back and forth. “
Renter: David B.

3 Jessica

Q: Did you use any other magazines in your search process?
A: “There were other ones (magazines) I used but I like this one (RENT411) a lot better.”
Renter: Jessica O.

3 Jay

Q: Did you use any other magazines?
A: “We did pick up another magazine that was called Apartment [Finder]. . . in RENT411 you have. . .different columns and there is a little dot check in every row. . .you can compare side by side. I thought that was very useful. . . .and I didn’t see that in other magazines. . . .you had to. . .make your own chart to compare.”
Renter: Jay C.

3 Tom

Q: What did you think of our magazine?
A: “Actually, the others I didn’t care for at all. The reason I liked yours is it gave you a quick low down. I ended up using yours primarily. . .you got the color codes on the sides saying apartments, townhouse, dogs, cats. It breaks it down a lot faster that way for me, and it was really easy to work with, this mag[azine]. I didn’t care for the others.”
Renter: Tom H.

3 Pamela

Q: Did you use any other magazines?
A: “I did look at some other ones. But it was a whole lot of pictures and not very much information. So I didn’t want to just keep calling and asking everybody: ‘Okay, do you do this? Do you take cats? Do you have gara[ges]?”
Renter: Pamela F.

3 Beth

Q: Did you look at any other books and what did you think about those and ours?
A: “Compared to RENT411, I liked RENT411. It’s specific and it tells you exactly what you are looking at and when you call you get all the information you need. You can also go online and everything is right there.”
Renter: Beth M.